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Comfort, reliability and affordability

flx is a private shuttle service for your daily home-to-work journeys. Spend less of your life on the road, sitting in traffic. With flx you get more time to spend on the activities you love, with the people you love.

How does it work?

We developed a transport solution by providing a demand-responsive premium shuttle service focussing on creating additional value by unlocking various benefits. We deliver a sustainable and stress-free new form of commute. Join the flexible mobility revolution and subscribe to our professional service: the best way to commute, convenient and responsive to your needs.

We group you with Riders who have similar destinations and arrival times.

Door-to-door service. We pick up all riders in your group in less than 20 min.

We provide a superior quality shuttle and a professional driver.

Work is the destination. We’ll get you there and back home in style.

What you will get

Uncapped, Fast WiFi internet access on the go. Connect all your devices and use as needed.

Own your time. Use your commute to work, stay up to date with social media, catch up with series etc.

Safe and reliable. Our professional drivers will make sure you get there safe and on time.

Experience flexible mobility


hours per day?

What would you do with two extra


every day... Your journey to your place of work is a calm and pleasant

Imagine having a car pick you up at home and then drop you off at work,

Ride with flx


Are you looking for more driving opportunities?

as well as part time schedules.

flx is open to any professional drivers and offers monthly contracts,

Drive for flx


Do you have issues with your staff
getting to work?

We can help you to assist in the well-being and punctuality of your staff members. flx will provide you with the most reliable mobility solution.

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Own your commuting time and save money while being transported to your office and back home.



Earn a fixed income while driving. flx is open to all professional drivers, looking for more opportunities to earn money.



Assist your staff’s well-being and improve staff loyalty while saving money on unnecessary parking space.


Advantages of shared mobility

No congestion

We can remove 97% of the cars on the road. This means no more waiting in traffic!

Clean air

We can reduce CO2 emissions by almost 40%. Welcome back breathable cities!

More space

Less cars on the road means less parking needed. Thus more liveable space for us.

Cheap rides

Moving around will cost you much less due to highly efficient use of vehicle capacities.

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