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How does it work?

1. Accept a job

Use our app to receive opportunities for driving. Most rides happen in the morning and afternoon.

2. Pick up the Riders

Follow the instructions and pick up all Riders at their doorsteps.

3. Drive to destination

Drop all Riders at their destinations, ensuring they get there safe and on time.

I want to drive for flx

Frequently asked questions

May I drive for flx if I’m on another platform?

Sure thing! flx is open to all professional drivers, looking for more opportunities to earn money.

When will I be driving?

When you join, you would need to drive mostly mornings and afternoons, that’s the prime time for rider travels.

How do I get paid?

flx offers monthly contracts to drivers, guaranteeing a fixed, consistent income every month!

Get in touch with our team

Please fill in the Driver contact form and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible to help improve the way you move.





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