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Are you losing productivity because of transport-related issues?

Staff late for work too often?

Large amount of overtime paid?

High absenteeism levels?

Female staff at risk?

Try flx for my staff

How it works (1/3)

We start by mapping out all

employee locations

on the map.

We convert all staff addresses into GPS coordinates and position them

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How it works (2/3)

We cluster all of your staff into

transport groups


All employees are regrouped into clusters of riders living close to one

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How it works (3/3)

We create ideal routes for all

your staff

individually profiled and costed to ensure transparency.

Our algorithm designs the ideal route for each cluster. They are

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What are the advantages of flx for my company?

Improve loyalty

We can help you to increase the wellbeing of your employees by removing their stressful commute.

Increase productivity

We guarantee that your employees will get to their place of work on time and safe.

Save money

Less employee turnover, less absenteeism, less delays and no need for parking bays.

I want to try flx for my staff

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