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How does it work?

1. Join a cluster

We group you with people around you who have a similar commute, every day.

2. Ride and relax

One of our drivers picks you up at home and drops you at work. Enjoy a calm and pleasant journey.

3. Be happier

Shared mobility is cost effective, environmentally friendly and gives you time back.

What’s in it for me?

Safe and reliable

Our professional drivers will get you to your destination on time and stress-free.

Cost effective

Enjoy a door-to-door service and share the costs with your colleagues or neighbors.

Unlocks time

Our solution gives you more time to spend on the activities and ones that you love.

They already love it!

“As the family grows we have to start considering a second car, I’m doing everything possible to avoid that increase in cost.”

“I used to take public transport and as a woman, I feel much safer using flx. I know the driver and the other riders. It’s great!”

“It’s awesome to be able to start working before I leave for the office and not have to stress about the traffic making me work late.”

I want to ride with flx

Allan Gray have chosen to pilot a flx trial with their staff in an effort to combat the high price of parking bays and excessive traffic flow in and around the Waterfront precinct in Cape Town, South Africa.

Together with SparkUp Africa and Attacq, Lynwood Bridge has partnered up with flx to become the first mover in the shared mobility corporate and retail world.

Don’t work for Allan Gray or at Lynwood Bridge but you still want to sign up to flx? Click here to get in touch.